Commercial Kitchens are required to install grease recovery systems to prevent oil and grease from entering the waste water system. This includes restaurants, schools and other private and institutional kitchens. If you have a small in ground grease trapping system you’ll need a routine maintenance and pumping schedule in order to meet your regulatory inspection requirements.

Fat, oil and grease can cause excessive damage to your local waste water system.
This is why it is mandated by local governments to use grease traps within business. There is a minimum accepted amount of fat, oil and grease that is allowed to enter the water table system.

Grease traps are normally found outside in the ground, but can also be located within the building. Smaller establishments tend to house their grease traps within the building. They slow the flow of water from the drains allowing both the water and the grease time to cool. The goal is to cool the grease enough that it can coagulate, float to the top of the water, and allow the water to go freely into the city’s sewer lines.

AA Plumbing and Drain Cleaning can maintain your:

• Large or small tanks
• Commercial or industrial systems
• Yellow oil or brown oil